E Commerce

E-commerce business development module

List your product on more than 50 top ranked e-commerce website

  •  We will take care of order to packaging to delivery to customer service
  • At your side we have require Inventory detail on daily basis.
  • Photograph and description of every product
  • 1 packing staff on every 150 product
  • Submitted sale report to you on daily basis
  • Sales Analysis meeting with you on week basis
  • We give you so much information about all the things
  • You can learn so much about the things


Quantity  Achieve



50,(10%growth every two month)

1st quarter

30% of net profit from 2nd qtr


(30,000/-for designer and customize product)

100,(15%growth two every month)


250,(15%growth every two month)


400,(20%growth every two month)


600,(25% growth every two month

Require document:-

  1. Company entity proof (copy) 
  2. Company pan card copy      
  3. Address proof (copy)                  
  4. Cancel cheque(copy)                    
  5.  Vat number (copy)               
  6. Pan card and address proof of proprietor/all the partner/director
  7. A copy of your favorite book
  8. All the stickers you own
  9. An unsharpened number 2 Pencil


E-commerce- Individual store






Basic 50 product 50,000/- 1 yr 50,000/-
Basic 50 product 15,000/- quarterly 15,000/-qr.
Vendor login unlimited 50,000/- lifetime NA
Discount coupon single 10,000/- Till occasion NA
banner single 3,000/- Till occasion NA
product Single/10/50/100/<100 200/1500/5000/8000/25each Every time NA

In basic plan we have update 15 product weekly if require. In upgrade plan we have 30 product weekly not require.